We encourage every attender who has been attending Ohana Church for 3 or more months to get connected in serving.  Here are areas you can serve in:
This team works diligently to setup, tare down, and operate the logistics of our events that have tech needs, specifically our Sunday service.  Contact Marcus McBee for more info, marcus@ohanachurch.com
The ushers are vital for our first impressions, especially when new visitors walk in.  Contact the church at info@ohanachurch.com
We value safety at Ohana Church and we have a great team of servants who helps secure all our entry and exit areas.  Contact Jed Rush for more info, jed@ohanachurch.com
In every successful church there is an exciting Keiki ministry.  Our team of leaders work hard to use the gospel in pointing all keiki to Christ.  Contact Sarah McBee for more info, sarah@ohanachurch.com
It’s all about Christ, and it’s our desire to show case that through creative means such as music, media, and other arts.  Contact Micah Tomaselli for more info, micah@ohanachurch.com
We are always in need of people that love serving others.  This team is created of members who operate our connection table at service, make followup calls to visitors and members, and provide resources for people to connect at Ohana.  Contact Layne Tomaselli for more info, layne@ohanachurch.com
Hospitality goes a long way.  This team provides refreshments, and catering needs for church wide events.  Contact Donice Eblacas for more info, info@ohanachurch.com